Woodland Recordings planen ihre 50. Veröffentlichung

Beim Label Woodland Recordings (The Great Park, Vivian Void, Fee Reega u.v.a.) steht demnächst die fünfzigste Veröffentlichung ins Haus, wofür die Macher gerade eifrig Pläne schmieden. Hier ihr “Call for Songs” in eigenen Worten:

“We’re planning something special for our 50th release. Without saying too much we’d like to do something that includes 50 artists – people we’ve worked with and people we don’t know yet. If you would like to be involved it’s easy enough:

• Emails only please to woodlandrecordings@gmail.com. No FB messages or tweets.

• We’d like 2 songs / pieces of music from each artist. Or any single piece that stands on it’s own.

• Send all files as attachments or give us a link to download – no streaming music please.

• Unreleased stuff only if possible. We’re not into things that have been online for any time beforehand.

• Don’t worry about asking before sending. Yes it’s fine.