Alphawave #2: Marta de Pascalis und LINDA im SPEKTRUM Berlin

Am 17. Dezember findet im kleinen Kinokeller des Berliner SPEKTRUM ein Konzert der beiden Musikerinnen Marta de Pascalis und LINDA statt, beide rangieren im Grenzbereich zwischen Electronica, Ambient und Ritualismus. “Both performers decline old-as-humankind practices, as mantras, repetitions and polyrhythms, with our modern closeness to machines. Marta de Pascalis creates old ritual sounds out of modern synthesizers, while LINDA is self-proclaimed devotee to a mechanical shamanism.

From 2007, Marta De Pascalis explores the world of sound using analog and digital techniques, spacing from algorithmic audio collage that combines polyrhythm, acid bass lines and sampling, till the recreation of vast sonic ambiences that breathe of a warmth analog sound. Today she brings on stage synthesizer and tapes, weaving a sonic environment that evolves gradually in polyphonic mantra with a typical Kosmische Musik style. Synth, ambient, ritualistic, oniric kraut.

LINDA is a sound entity. Mechanical shamanism worship sounds that conjure up the futuristic goddess LINDA. By using electronic devices and futuristic instruments of the past LINDA is summoned and will transcend the congregation and shamans through time and space.”

SPEKTRUM | art science community
Bürknerstraße 12 12047 Berlin
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