Zeichnungen von Pole Ka im Staalplaat Berlin

Vom 17. November bis zum 31. Januar zeigt Staalplaat Berlin eine Serie von Zeichnungen und Illustrationen der französischen Künstlerin Pole Ka. Die Vernissage findet am 17.11. um 19 Uhr statt.

“Pole Ka draws, dissects, and flays the body with surgical precision while composing her abrasive images with the needy hand of an artisan. She loses her strange characters in imaginary landscapes, in grotesque scenes. Visions straight from a cabinet of curiosities take shape; here we find animals, insects, plants, hybrid and monstrous characters, summoning medicine and religion, the encyclopedia and ancient bestiaries, evoking the paintings of Bosch and Cranach, the surrealist collages of Ernst and Štyrský, the anonymous illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages. Furthermore, the micr0lab monk-companions, scattered to the four winds, are long-time partners with Pole Ka in the publication and promotion of deviant fanzines, impossible games, staticky vinyls, and the organization of epic noise music nights. Extravagant anatomies, extinct pathologies, forgotten landscapes : Pole Ka writes her own history of women and their suffering, draws a taxonomy inhabited by androgynous phantoms with troubled sexuality, and prints the blueprints of a crumbling world.

For this exhibition at Staalplaat, Pole Ka will present new drawings in the “Collapse” series at the beginning of the year, on the theme of ruin and downfall in addition to a selection of diverse drawings, etchings, silkscreens, books, and fanzines. All this will be generously celebrated with an explosive cocktail imagined especially for the occasion.”

Kienitzer Str. 108
12049 Berlin

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