Gold Cage veröffentlichen Debüt auf Felte

Unter dem Titel “Social Crutch” debütiert das kalifornische Trio Gold Cage dieser Tage mit einem Longplayer im Grenzland zwischen Postpunk, Slowcore und resigniertem Shoegazersound. Mit viel Hall unterlegte Gitarrenloops treffen auf mehrstimmigen Gesang und die wechselhaften Rhythmen und Gangarten eines echten Drummers.

“Warmed with tape saturation, Social Crutch is an exercise in measured minimalism, with every tone carefully sculpted to fill the vast space of each track. Shoegaze, reverb-drenched guitars evoke Galaxie 500, Yo La Tengo, Deerhunter and even Rowland S. Howard. Yet Social Crutch remains very much in the present, thanks in part to the band’s ability to marry a range of influences into thoughtfully structured songs. Throughout the album, Katz’s and Devine’s equally laconic, whispery vocals elevate each song as they drift in and out of each other, sometimes softly colliding in gorgeous harmony.

Album opener “Repeater Kember” captures the band’s ethos with a decaying guitar loop that sustains and repeats for nearly all of the song, save for a heavy climax. The crest fades shortly after it begins, highlighting the band’s penchant for subtlety and restraint, even during the album’s crescendos. While Social Crutch is full of satisfying slow burns, upbeat moments such as “Halcion” and “Shadows” showcase Ross’ drumming, which provides a sturdy backbone with enough allowance for the catchy guitar ‘hooks and vocal melodies’ magnetism to shine.” (Felte)

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