Söng Söng: Polychrome Sounds from the Underground auf Les Disques Linoleum

Irgendwo im Grenzgebiet zwischen Compilation und kollaborativem Album erscheint dieser Tage ein vielfarbiges Sound- und Song-Gebilde namens “Söng Söng”. Zusammen mit zahlreichen Kollegen wie Mike Ladd und Anja Kowalski hat Linoleum-Labelgründer und Bassklarinettist Laurent Rochelle insgesamt vierzehn Projekte zwischen Freejazz und Dada, Krautrock, Lounge und Improv (re)aktiviert und mit den daraus entstandenen Songresultaten ein kurzweiliges (Un-)Easy Listening-Panorama gezeichnet.

Polychrome Sounds from the Underground: like a musical sound transe that makes the singular inhabitants of a white star called Linoleum dance… Swing, rather, because groove is indeed the original source that feeds, among other fecund liquids, the veins of these polychrome sounds… And penetrates the consciousness and psyche of an exceptional label, that like a unique sideral biotope, integrates the multiple into the homogenous and vice-versa. So ‘groove’ then, astructural, filtered, sub-terranean, mutant… yet very subtly omnipresent, sometimes softly muted… then organic, telluric, sensual, in other compositions. But not only groove is infused into the 14 titles of this rich soundscape: hybrid ingredients pulse through the Linoleum plexus. Coltrane, Surlman, of course… Vian, Surrealism, Asia, Texier, space and 70′s free Jazz… the art of evolving loops, inherited from Krautrock and minimalist music… Not to mention the fact that reflected throughout the titles is the diffuse trace of a strong Dada influence… A Vision…

A shared vision, closely worked on by a dozen artists, either solo or in collaboration, including outstanding featurings (Mike Ladd, John Greaves, Kirilola…). A Vision that makes Polychrome Sounds from the Underground an act of faith… Faith in the respective talents of the kolkhoze, creativity without dogma, from absurd to childlike…” (Linoleum)

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