Timber Framing: Ilia Gorovitz und Shoham Manela bringen gemeinsames Album heraus

Mit Drums, Synthesizer, Flöte und Saxophon im Gepäck haben die aus Jerusalem stammenden Musiker Ilia Gorovitz und Shoham Manela spontan ein gemeinsames Album improvisiert, das im März auf dem Berliner Label Edelfaul Recordings erscheint.

“The first album on edelfaul recordings is an encounter between the label’s co-founder Ilia Gorovitz on drums and synthesizers and Shoham Manela on tenor saxophone and flute. More than a spontaneous improvisation between two musicians, the setup allows Manela’s reeds and flute sounds to feed directly into Gorovitz’s bus of synths and effect pedals – the machinery at the heart of the drummer’s own solo performances. Looped up and transformed, the signals echo back at the players who may interlock with the unstable patterns or spiral forward into sonic depths unkown. Three sessions were recorded over summer 2019 at Trickster Berlin and then carefully edited and mixed by Ilia Gorovitz. No overdubs were added, all sounds have been created, morphed and recorded on the spot.” (Edelfaul)