Luca Favaro a.k.a. T.U. mit Tape-Debüt auf False Industries

Unter dem Titel “Rite” bringt der italienische Produzent und Komponist T.U. sein Tape-Debüt bei Fals Industries heraus. Mit einem dicken Bündel an Field Recordings, Erfahrungen in klassischer Musik und Multimedia sowie einem soliden Ideenfundus im Gepäck hat der Musiker ein hypnotisches Erstlingswerk auf die beine gebracht, das an eine Wanderung durch tropische Wälder gemahnt und abei doch frei von jemdem Exotismus ist.“The seven compositions have a very unique and coherent touch to them, it’s like walking in a dark forest, enjoying the aurora of the phenomena around you and soaking deep into the energy of the forest but not in a conventional way. Rite is a project about hearing things differently, the core ideas of the album have their roots in classical contemporary music. The compositions have the desire of elevating the sound itself as the protagonist of the piece, shifting one’s attention from regular instruments to non-musical sounds. The 6 tracks frame a place and a time in which different actions happen, with the main focus being to present sounds in the most interesting and fascinating way, highlighting the characteristics which intrigued the composer’s ears. Hence the birth of hypnotic and tormented landscapes, originated from the collision of fragmented Ambiental recordings, freed from any type of harmonic and rhythmic structure.” (False Industries)