Wetware kündigen neues Album für Ende Juni an

Am 26. Juni erscheint das neue Wetware-Album “Flail” auf Dais Records. “Flail” – zu deutsch “Flegel” – enthält elf mal schleppende, mal treibende, aber immer nervenzerrende Tracks zwischen abgeklärtem No Wave und dem Echo des klassischen Industrial.

“Brooklyn-based outfit Wetware (Roxy Farman and Matt Morandi) return with the intense follow-up album to 2018’s Automatic Drawing, an electronic dirge, simply titled: Flail. Formed in 2015 and known for their odd and unpredictable live performances, Wetware’s new album captures this disorienting confusion in a series of definitive documents that encompass a concentrated, noisier sound that pushes and pulls against electronic textures and frenetic vocals, creating a palate of wild, unhinged sonic collages. Presented across eleven new tracks in a tightly wrapped and smartly delivered album, Flail is exemplary of Wetware’s dynamics and prowess.” (Dais Records)

Wetware @ Dais