Klara Lewis mit Soloarbeit auf Editions Mego

Anfang Mai bringen Editions Mego eine One Side-LP der Schwedischen Komponistin und Klangkünstlerin Klara Lewis heraus. Mit den wellenförmigen Streicherparts von “Ingrid” knüpft die Künstlerin an die vor zwei Jahren erschienene Zusammenarbeit mit Simon Fisher Turner an.“Ingrid is a departure from Lewis’s previous solo outings, drifting from the eerie rhythmic variations of Too and Ett and moving assuredly into long-form experimentation. The piece retains those records’ pulsing core and builds on a single cello loop that is steadily enveloped by a surge of distortion. It’s almost like a voice or chant, shifting pointedly from a whisper into a scream before singing peacefully into the light.

At times, Ingrid reminds of William Basinski’s looping melancholy or Steve Reich’s controlled and innovative phase experiments, while at others, it recalls the chaotic Scandinavian physicality of black metal. Yet the entire composition is anchored in Klara Lewis’s distinct emotional world. By dissolving familiar and beautiful strings in baths of noise, Lewis allows something violent but tender to grow in its place. In a society struck through by cynicism, Ingrid is a cathartic listening experience and a beacon of hope.” (Editions Mego)

Klara Lewis @ Editions Mego