Yannis Kyriakides und Andy Moor mit Aufnahmen aus ihrer Biennale-Performance

2017 nahmen die Musiker Andy Moor und Yannis Kyriakides an Xavier Veilhans Projekt “Studio Venezia” im Rahmen der 57. Kunstbiennale teil. Von ihrer Performance im Französischen Pavilion, dessen Setting sie mit diversen Synthies und weiteren Instrumenten musikalisch ausfüllten, entstanden Aufnahmen mit einer Länge von zirka neun Stunden. Eine bearbeitete Version von Auszügen von einer Länge von 24 Minuten erscheint Mitte Juni unter dem Titel “Pavilion” auf dem hauseigenen Label Unsound.
“The two musicians had access to a variety of instruments and machines including Moog, Buchla and Vermona synths which were used for some of the recordings. The unusual situation here was that they were working in a studio, experimenting, trying out ideas while at the same time being a part of an ongoing art installation. So they were part of the space, yet not really knowing whether they should play for the crowds who were constantly passing through the pavilion or just ignore them.
The result was nine hours of recorded material mostly improvised or based on a few basic rhythmic patterns that Kyriakides had prepared as starting blocks. For this album they selected 45 minutes of what they considered to be the strongest material after several listenings and editing sessions.” (Unsound)

Porträt © Mario Carovani