Disc Rats Vol 1: Sic Alps mit alten Demo-Aufnahmen auf Drag City

Lofi-Heroen Sic Alps bringen frühe schrammelige 4-Spur-Demos aus den Jahren 2006-2007 in neu gemasterter Form auf einer Reihe von Compilations heraus, deren erster Teil digital bei Drag City erscheint.
“Before the production revolutions of the band versions have set in, baby Mike Donovan’s guitar and vocals flash more of that willfully isolated, TV Personalities, pimples-in-the-bedroom-mirror cool to it. Still, all the Sicness starts here – indie, garage, psych and 60s pop mashed with a gleefully opaque, punk nihilism. The tunes, not yet in their tarted-up low-fi glory – more of a blow-fi demo style – are as every bit as hummable in humble, semi-adorned early phazes.” (Drag City)

Sic Alps @ Drag City