Telematic Concert: Konzertmitschnitt von Pauline Oliveros und Alan Courtis erstmals auf Vinyl

SpleenCoffin bringen eine Konzertaufnahme von Pauline Oliveros und Alan Courtis aus dem Jahr 2009 erstmals auf Vinyl heraus. Die amerikanische Komponistin und ihr von der Band Reynols her bekannte argentinische Kollege traten damals mit Akkordeon, Gitarre und einer Reihe an effekten beim Deep Listening Institute’s Dream Festival in Kingston, New York, auf.“The Telematic Concert brought together American electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros with Argentinian experimental musician Alan Courtis (Reynols), improvising across continents for the Deep Listening Institute’s Dream Festival in October, 2009 — Oliveros in person in Kingston, NY, Courtis piped in digitally from Buenos Aires. The resulting exchange of Oliveros’ accordion drones and expanded instrument system with Courtis’ unstringed guitar feedback, objects, and processing sounds as fresh as ever, both hyper-focused and frenzied. Oliveros’ forward-thinking work with “telematic music”–remote collaborative performance using telecommunications technology–is yet another facet of her relevance as an important forebearer of the current cultural moment. Recordings of the concert remained unreleased for a decade, until now.” (SpleenCoffin)

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