Continual Decentering: Soloalbum von Samuel Rohrer auf Arjun Music

Samuel Rohrer, seit Jahren eine Größe in der exprimentellen elektronischen Musik und ein leidenschaftlicher Kollaborateur, hat mit “Continual Decentering” ein Soloalbum auf die Beine gestellt, das die Spuren langjähriger Erfahrungen trägt. Im Zentrum der Tracks steht das Schlagzeug, das keineswegs nur perkussiv verwendet wird und das Rückgrat einer nächtlichen, mysteriösen Klangreise wird, die – auch in den weniger komplexen Momenten – nie einlullende und regressive Züge annimmt, sondern Brüche und unerwatete Wendungen zulässt.“As with Rohrer’s most recent solo work, like the Range of Regularity LP, Continual Decentering showcases the artist’s skill in turning the drum kit into a lead instrument. While the term “lead instrument” denotes a kind of exuberant “flash,” or a clear separation from the rest of the voices in an ensemble, we can take the term to mean something different throughout this listening program of 13 short vignettes: that is to say, everything else within the audible environment exists to complement the character of the percussive playing rather than to stand apart from it. It helps that Rohrer has, in fact, developed a unique and complex hybrid system in which drum hits trigger modular synthesizer processes, the use of which makes for an incredibly fluid response time between distinct sonic events.

In contrast to the previous Range of Regularity LP, this new offering is propelled less by interlacing threads of intensity and more by a shared sense of deep listening. As displayed on pieces like All Too Human, there is a profound sense of attention to silences or thoughtful pauses that maybe hints at another crucial aspect of Rohrer’s style: over the course of this program, we tend to hear the player not only playing but listening, an activity which makes perfect sense given the sense of instrumental dialogue already mentioned. All of the above come together to give Continual Decentering a “live”-ness that will easily translate from recorded document to dynamic performance.  ” (Arjuna Music)