I Am Panda: Erstes Album von Chiminyo

Etwa ein Jahr nach seiner Debüt-EP “I am Ciminyo” legt der gleichnamige englische Perkussionist und Producer mit einer ersten LP nach. Die zehn Tracks auf “I am Panda”, die mit einer Reihe an Gastmusikern eingespielt wurden, lassen auf der Basis von z.T. schwerer Schlagzeugarbeit und elektronischen Sounds, die sich perfekt in die rhythmischen Muster einweben, einen ganz eigenen Klangkosmos entstehen. Das Album erscheint in allen gängigen Formaten Anfang September bei Gearbox Records.“Chiminyo’s music may be rooted in the London jazz scene, but his music is transcendent of anything that could be defined as such. Whilst his joint use of analogue and digital technology meaningfully honours the manic city lights of London’s bustling scene, it remains ever-changing crossing over into hip-hop, future pop, experimental electronic and global spheres.

Chiminyo’s tech-heavy drum kit set-up, combines the raw, immediate live sound of percussion and the futuristic timbres of his electronic productions to create his own, daring soundscapes. Via laboriously self-coded software, each cymbal crash and drum hit triggers a synth or sample, allowing Chiminyo complete control and freeing him of all loops, click-tracks and backing tracks.

However, it is important to note that Chiminyo’s music is far more than just a technical feat. Whilst still highly innovative in its composition, I Am Panda is purely the result of a deep and tireless exploration of the music that Chiminyo truly resonates with to create a soulful, spiritual, and evocative record that feeds off the conflicting duality between technology and nature.” (Gearbox)