Dope Body mit Album und Single bei Drag City

Die aus Baltimore stammende Noiserock-Combo Dope Body bringt mit “Crack of Light” ein neues, gewohnt räudiges Album heraus, dem man die Wurzeln im Harcore nach wie vor anhört. Neben der Single “Jer Bang” ist bereits ein weiterer Song der LP zu hören. Das Album erscheint Ende des Monats bei Drag City.

“Dope Body’s sonic mutations boil out from their flesh like a lather of sweat, dripping into yer mouth with the tang of toxic waste. Illuminated by hammer-on harmony leads, funky post-hardcore, and glinting metallic edges, their latest single “Jer Bang” breaks the chain and bursts through the daily routine like a grim landmark.

Raw aggression detonates, unblinking at the blinding flash in the chorus []. Filmed in an isolated location by lead singer Andrew Laumann, the video for “Jer Bang” seems anything but marked safe. A well-armed mutant militia, dead set on destruction, rages over back country roads, as flames of fire blaze all around, a hellscape that would make White Zombie green with envy.” (Drag City)

@ Drag City