Neues Soloalbum von Brendan Perry: Songs of Disenchantment – Music from the Greek Underground

Brendan Perry hat gerade digital sein neues Soloalbum veröffentlicht. Vinyl und CD werden im Februar erhältlich sein. Wie der Titel des Albums schon andeutet, greift Perry auf eine spezielle Form griechischer Musik zurück.

Er berichtet von seiner ersten Begegnung mit dem sogenannten Rembetiko, einem Musikstil, der aus der Begegnung griechischer Volksmusik mit Musik aus der osmanischen Tradition entstanden ist: „I first heard, what only many years later I finally came to know as Rebetiko music, in the Greek cafes and tavernas of suburban Melbourne in the late seventies.These places were predominantly the local social hubs of Greek migrants who had been coming in successive waves to Australia since the late 19th century and during the day were often populated by groups of old men playing backgammon and sipping ouzo whilst listening to laika and rebetiko music. […] The fact that there has been virtually no recorded versions of Rebetiko songs sung in English was also a great surprise to me and was ultimately the prime motivator for me to share these songs with an English speaking audience as well as pique the curiosity of the die hard traditionalist.“

Gewidmet hat Perry das Album allen Flüchtlingen.

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