Livealbum von The MaXx zusammen mit dem Trondheim Jazz Orchestra

Das norwegische Trio The MaXx, bestehend aus Saxophonist Petter Kraft, Pianist Oscar Grönberg und dem bei so unterschiedlichen Bands wie Werl und Motorpsycho die Felle traktierenden Thomas Järmyr, bringt einen Live-Mitschnitt eines Konzertes zusammen mit dem Trondheim Jazz Orchestra heraus. Das Album erscheint in den nächsten Tagen bei MNJ Records.

“The MaXx developed the music on LIVE through hours of jamming in their studio in an old German bunker in Trondheim. Simultaneously with the music slowly taking shape, a theme dealing with the youth’s fascination for dystopian sci-fi, involuntary heroes and time travels evolved. Combined with their love for rhythmical riffs and extreme musical shifts a new piece of music appeared. Some people have called it an abstract rock opera. The MaXx tells us that the what this project is really about is to amplify the undisguised energy and joy that always has been the core of band.” (MNJ Records)

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