Iteration: Neues Album mit Live-Tracks von Lucio Capece und Werner Dafeldecker

Die in Berlin lebenden Improvationamusiker Lucio Capece und Werner Dafeldecker bringen ein neues Album heraus. Die beiden enthaltenen Tracks wurden im Mai 2019 bei einem der Münchner Offene Ohren-Konzerte aufgenommen, gespielt wurden Bassklarinette, Slide-Saxophon und Kontrabass, ebenfalls mit einbezogen wurde die Akustik der Umgebung. “Iteration” erscheint auf CD bei Another Timbre.

“The two pieces were recorded last year during our live performance at the ‘Offene Ohren’ concert series in Munich. On the disc are two unedited improvised sets. Lucio and I have known each other for many years and play together periodically. So the music was maybe ‘pre-planned’ to some extent, but only in the sense that we share similar interests and a similar history when it comes to content and methodology in improvised music. [...] When I refer to shared history I mean that both of us have been interested in improvisational concepts away from emotional expression and/or jazz-routed music.

I think we also share a non-dogmatic approach when it comes to the term „reductionist“ music. In my opinion the term is an imposed category which tries to describe a social cultural shift of the values in that specific field of music at that time. Density or emotionality were often replaced by a certain degree of clarity of structure and tonal accuracy. I clearly have been involved in that relocation which, like every change, leaves its mark.” (Werner Dafeldecker im Interview mit Simon Reynell)

@ Another Timbre