Peter Kutin mit Soloalbum auf Ventil Records

Sieben Jahre nach “Burmese Days” bringt der Wiener Klangkünstler Kutin erstmals wieder ein Album im Alleingang heraus. “Achronie”, benannt nach einem historischen Gleichzeitgkeitskonzept der Soziologin Elisabeth Lenk, beginnt mit einer Lesung aus Franz Kafkas Das Schloss durch eine AI-erzeugte und dem Philosophen Adorno nachempfundenen Stimme und changiert im Verlauf zwischen zahlreichen digitalen und analogen Bauformen – zu letzteren zählt hier auch eine mittelalterliche Drehleier, die als Dirty Gurdy eingebaut wurde. Das Album erscheint digital mit Artwork des Fotografen Stefan Neuberger.

“In recent years, Kutin has developed a keen interest in the velocity and temporality of sounds and musical structures, applying and researching both in interaction with various media branches. In his kinetic sound-sculptures he included not only sound but also components and parameters such as speed of movement, acceleration, light-intensity, video/film material, and much more. The multimedia-polyrhythmic situations generated by his sculptures often provoke hypnotic and psychedelic states, earning Kutin the »Golden Nica« at Ars Electronica (for the work »TORSO#1«, 2019).

His numerous experiences with the interleaving of different tempos and time assignments now serve as a fundamental inspiration. On »ACHRONIE« he applies digitally or electronically generated and complex high-frequencies as well as noise-material with purist analogies – such as the sound of a hurdy-gurdy, classic percussions or the human voice. Concise field-recordings touch the memories of the listeners. In this way, the allegedly old rubs against the allegedly new and thereby might find something new within the old. Melodic or harmonic structures are usually only hinted at or kept minimal and ghostly; it is the timbre-painting, the arrangements and the collages which characterise this work.” (Ventil Records)

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