Dust Breathing: Neues Album von Møster!

Der norwegische Multiinstrumentalist Kjetil Møster und sein Quartett bringen zehn Jahre nach Bandgründung ihr fünftes Album heraus. “Dust Breathing” ist eine kraftvolle Arbeit kollektiver Improvisation mit einem elektronisch unterfütterten Jazz-Instrumentarium, bei dem immer wieder einzelne Soli – allem voran Møster selbst mit Klarinette und seinen zwei Saxophones – den vorderen Bühnenbereich einnehmen. Das Album erscheint auf LP, CD und als Download bei Hubro Music.

“The band has been growing or cultivating a certain sound over the years, and I feel this has found its best form so far on ‘Dust Breathing’ [...]. This album sort of mirrors States of Mind, where I wanted to make the band into more of a collaborative group, and to step down from the bandleader role. The members have such strong musical personalities that the only way I had of getting that out of them was to open the gates and just record for days.

We did some collaborative songwriting and lots of free improvisations, with the composition done in the post production, editing and mixing process. On Dust Breathing I have tried to distil the type of music we created together on States of Mind, carefully keeping in mind the balance between composing/pre-directing/controlling and letting all band members act as equal contributors.”  (Kjetil Møster)