An Moku und Stefan Schmidt eröffnen gemeinsame Trilogie

Dominik Grenzler alias An Moku und Stefan Schmidt bringen Mitte Mai das Album “Raum” heraus, das zugleich den Auftakt einer geplanten Trilogie ist. “Raum” enthält zehn feinsinnig gestaltete Tracks, die aufgrund ihrer vielfältigen akustischen und elektronischen Instrumentierung alle ihren jeweils eigenen Charakter aufweisen und ein weites Feld zwischen subtilem Ambient und ereignisreichen Soundkollagen ausfüllen. Zu dem Grundgerüst aus Elektronik und Field Recordings steuert Grenzler Bass und Schmidt Cello und Stimme bei. “Raum” erscheint als Tape und digital bei Karlrecords.

“As for many musicians, if there was anything positive about the lockdown in the spring of 2020, it was having more time to create music, to experiment and to maybe even start a completely new project with someone you may never have worked with before. When Dominik Grenzler aka An Moku, a sound artist and bass player based in Zurich, approached Stefan Schmidt (guitarist, composer and improviser from Baden-Baden) with the idea of collaborating, it turned out the initial spark for a fruitful process and artistic exchange: within just a couple of weeks they managed to craft an album which turned out edgy and harmonic at the same time. Despite its abstractionism, „Raum“ has a very organic feeling to it, provides a richness of details and finely processed sounds of different origins like bass, cello, field recordings and a vast array of electronic equipment. According to the two musicians, the process of creating the ten tracks was a smooth and intuitive one with hardly any need to discuss the concept or details, the communication took place within the music and the exchanged files.” (Karlrecords)

@ Karlrecords