Neues Soloalbum von Daniel Davies

Daniel Davies, Sohn von Kinks-Gitarrist Dave Davies und Musiker auf mehreren John Carpenter Soundtracks, bringt Ende Mai ein weiteres Soloalbum heraus. Die spannungsgeladenen Tracks auf “Spies” sind um einiges aggressiver und martialischer ausgefallen als die eher ambienten Stücke auf dem vor etwas über einem Jahr veröffentlichten Album “Signals”, wenngleich dessen cinematische Atmosphäre und das von Gitarre, Streichern und Elektronik geprägte Instrumentarium daran andocken. “Spies” erscheint digital und in zwei unterschiedlichen Vinyl-Eidtionen bei Sacred Bones.

“The songs for Spies were composed in the fall and winter of 2020, in the depths of pandemic lockdown. Working in isolation in his L.A. studio, Davies composed the five tracks entirely alone. With no collaborators, his gaze turned inward, and the songs feel intimate and intense. Yet at the same time, they would become the most sonically expansive material he’s ever put on a solo record. His guitar and synthesizer are bolstered by double bass, cello, viola, and violin, adding a new depth to the music.

As he did for his 2020 full-length Signals, Davies teamed up with acclaimed visual artist Jesse Draxler for the artwork. The stark, black-and-white piece that Draxler contributed for the cover of Spies perfectly captures the mood of the record. Eyes are cut out, disassociated from faces, their gazes made inscrutable. Yet they seem to fix on the listener. Have you ever felt like you’re being watched? Maybe you are.” (Sacred Bones)

@ Sacred Bones