Coveralbum von Marissa Nadler

Die Sängerin Marissa Nadler hat zum jüngsten Bandcamp-Friday – weitere werden kommen – ein Album mit Coverversionen einiger ihrer Lieblingslieder eingespielt. “Instead of Dreaming”, das in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Multiinstrumentalisten Milky Burgess entstand, enthält Interpretationen u.a. vom King Crimson, Simon and Garfunkel, Metallica, Bob Dylan, America und Towns van Zandt.

“Having spent the better part of her adult life on a fairly continuous tour, American singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler found a small silver lining peeking through the darkness of this ongoing era. During this unexpected time she had the opportunity to record a collection of covers to serve as a salve of serenity and comfort. The feelings of homesickness and loss, detachment and displacement, of loneliness and sorrow- they are omnipotent right now. These are the themes explored in this collection.” (Sacred Bones)