Hate: Klassiker von Masonna erstmals auf Vinyl

Urashima Records bringen eine auf knapp 300 Exemplare limitierte Doppel-LP-Edition von Masonnas rarem Klassiker “Hate” heraus. Das Album erschien Mitte der 90er auf Yamazaki Masos eigenem Label Coquette in einer bizarr limitierten Auflage an fünfzehn Tapes mit individuell von Hand gestaltetem Artwork. An der Basis der vier jeweils seitenfüllenden Tracks steht der Einsatz seiner Stimme in Form aggressiver bis hysterischer Schreie, mit einer Vielzahl an Effekten in psychedelischen Noise transformiert, den das Label mit einem Klassiker kosmischer Musik in Bezug setzt: “The use of pedals and effects overwhelms the vocalizations that are practically not heard and creates an irresistible tension, layering a dazzling array of rich sonic colors, hard fragments, and unsettling timbres over the sort of taut psychedelic feedback used in Kosmische Musik and the echo of Tangerine Dream ‘s masterpiece Zeit ring out in the grooves of the double vinyl reissue”.

“Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Auréolé, the double-barreled name for Masonna , of course, is one of most prolific, adventurous, and respected noise artists, making dozens of releases on his own legendary and astonishing label Coquette, presenting them in very limited editions, sometime totally confidential (one sole copy), and reflecting his predilection for 60’s psychedelic music revisited in its own very peculiar way. He transforms his voice into noise, feeding the microphone back through a process of extreme distortion. His shouts become clipped bursts of overloaded sound, doubled and extended by a delay that displace the sounds into stuttered blasts of static. From noise lines, to minimal, warbling expanses, to the ambiences and schizoid thinking effects, it’s a journey into a versatile mind who we clearly never heard enough from.” (Urashima)