Cats in the Kitchen: Trio mit Alberto Braida, Silvia Bolognesi und Cristiano Calcagnile

In den nächsten Tagen bringen We Insist! Records eine gemeinsame Aufnahme des Jazz-Trios Alberto Braida (Piano), Silvia Bolognesi (Kontrabass) und Cristiano Calcagnile (Drums) heraus. “Cats in the Kitchen”, das auf einfachen Grundmotiven basiert, geht laut Braida auf die Erinnerung an ein Bild seiner jungen Tochter zurück: “When my daughter Maddalena was very young she drew a picture, a cross between a circle and an empty ellipse, between green and blue on the white paper. I asked her what it represented and she told me: a man flying.

Remembering that drawing many years later, I wrote a series of simple, naïve, almost childish pieces that were circular like the drawing, so that they could end and start over and over again without interruption.” Trotz dieser Ausrichtung betont Braida seine Entscheidung, die Umsetzung für spontane Überraschungen offen zu lassen: The decision not to fix and define any indication about the development of the themes in the improvisation parts that follow them responds to the personal need to leave open any possibility of surprise that comes from risk, listening and deep trust.” Das Album erscheint digital und als CD.

“Three cats on the wire, seemingly on the verge of falling and unexpectedly and surprisingly find themselves standing firmly on their feet. Music that is only apparently simple, like the children’s drawings, but then reveals itself to be rich in details and particulars. The three cats play with the same ball of wool and they leave each other, the ball of wool seems to have disappeared, each one seems to go his own way but the ball of wool reappears in the middle of the game. The game is ball, the ball is thread, the thread is the cats and the cats are ball: what a wonderful tangle!” (We Insist! Records)

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