In Virus Times: Lee Ranaldo mit neuer EP

Mute und PIAS bringen Mitte November eine einseitig gepresste 12″-EP von Sonic Youth-Sänger und -Gitarrist Lee Ranaldo heraus, deren zweite Seite eine vom Musiker selbst angefertigte Grafik enthält. “In Virus Times” ist ein 22minütiges Akustikstück in vier Teilen und neben der limitierten 12″ auch digital erhältlich.

“IN VIRUS TIMES is an acoustic instrumental piece by LEE RANALDO. Composed during the pandemic, In Virus Times will be released as a 1-sided LP with an etching on Side B. The cover is a beautiful photo by Lee’s friend, the great Brazilian photographer Anna Paula Bogaciovas. Originally released as one track as part of a collaboration with Lucien Jean for Le Presses du Reel, the music was featured on a mini CD that accompanied a book that featured 2 short stories. In Virus Times, released by Mute, sees the track transformed into 4 pieces and is available on Limited Edition 12” Transparent Turquoise Vinyl with an exclusive poster designed, signed and individually numbered by Lee Ranaldo. The poster design is based on an electron microscope photo of the Covid-19 molecule.” (Mute)

@ Mute