Live at Montreux Jazz Festival: Konzertaufnahme von Anna von Hausswolff

Heute und somit keine zwei Jahre nach dem jüngsten Longplayer “All Thoughts Fly” erscheint das neue Live-Album von Anna von Hausswolff in allen digitalen Formaten inklusive CD bei Southern Lord. “Live at Montreux Jazz Festival” enthält einen sechs Tracks umfassenden Mitschnitt aus dem Jahr 2018 und präsentiert die Künstlerin in Begleitung einer siebenköpfigen Band. Im Zentrum der Interpretationen der von den Alben “The Miraculous” und “Dead Magic” stammenden Songs stehen neben Orgel und Drums v.a. der kraftvolle Gesang, den Hausswolff sich mit ihrer Schwester Maria teilt. Zwei Vinyl-Editionen werden im Mai über Southern Lord und ihr eigenes Label Pomperipossa Records folgen.

“In the beginning of 2013 I was texting back and forth with my friend Albin. He wanted me to come and play at a jazz festival that he was living nearby, it was Montreux Jazz Festival. At that point I was still quite unknown outside Sweden and regardless of my friend’s many attempts to contact the festival they never returned to him with an offer. I gave up the idea, he did not. Later that same year he unexpectedly died and a few years later, in 2017, an email popped up in my inbox, it was a request to open for Nick Cave and the bad seeds at the Montreux jazz festival. The tragedy that Albin was still not around to share the excitement with me gave me sorrow.

But, through the magic of music comfort came. The show was an emotional turmoil of ecstasy and grief, shared with an incredible audience and atmosphere. And, eventually, I could see his face in the venue, floating above all others, smiling and waving towards me. I’m so happy to have been given this moment and I’m beyond grateful to Montreux Jazz Festival, John Harris and Mathieu Jaton who so beautifully recorded this special concert that I will keep close to my heart forever and ever.” (Anna von Hausswolff)

@ Southern Lord Records