12 Years of Quadratic Wave: Martial Cantarel im Berliner Slaughterhouse

Am 24. Juni feiert die Berliner Veranstaltungsreihe Quadratic Wave / TIQ ihr zwölfjähriges Bestehen im Slaughterhouse Moabit nahe dem Hauptbahnhof. Neben einem nachtfüllenden DJ-Programm steht ein Konzert des New Yorkers Sean McBride auf dem Plan, der unter dem von Raymond Roussel entlehnten Namen Martial Canterel einem analogen Cold Wave-Sound fröhnt. McBride begann seine Solo-Karriere vor rund zwanzig Jahren als Moravagine und ist eine Hälfte des bekannten Wave-Duos Xeno and Oaklander.

“Martial Canterel is the solo project of Brooklyn-based Synth Master Sean McBride (who also performs as half of the duo Xeno & Oaklander). Crafting his electronic sound in a peculiar intersection between avant-garde and pop, Martial Canterel pays homage to the anti-rock artifice of the coldwave scene from the early 1980s, by frigid layers of synths, all set in rigid motion. Having put out releases on numerous labels including

Xanten, Genetic Music, Tarantulla Productions, Electric Voice Records, and Pieter Schoolweth’s legendary Wierd Records, Martial Canterel’s dark and danceable anthems have flooded North America and Europe. Martial Canterel’s creative work navigates constantly in the pre-digital age realm of the analogue synthesiser’s mechanics, to design elegant sonic landscapes – completely elemental and almost biological – of detachment and dark enchantment.”

Freitag, 24.06.2022
Beginn 22 Uhr
Lehrter Str. 35
10557 Berlin

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