Labyrintia: Neues Album von Caldon Glover

Der amerikanische Soundartist Caldon Glover bringt Mitte Oktober ein neues Album heraus. “Labyrintia” basiert auf einer subtilen Überblendung von akustischen und elektronischen Instrumentalparts und gesampleten Sounds und referiert auf eine labyrinthische Parallelwelt. Das knapp einstündige Album erscheint auf 300 CDs und digital bei Cyclic Law.

“We warmly welcome US based soundscape artist Caldon Glover. Thematically “Labyrintia” was imagined as a structure in space older than humanity that runs sideways to our own universe, connecting physical and temporal spaces in our universe and the ur-universe alike that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Sonically it uses a blend of primitive acoustic folk instruments, as well as organic and electronic sound sources to create an ancient and timeless sound that evokes feelings of the rituals of a cthonic cults lost in other realms, as they worked tirelessly to open a door into this endless maze, to find their way home or to further their journey. Artwork by Nihil. ” (Cyclic Law)