Uncertain: Tape auf Orphanology

Auf dem Bluesanct-Ableger Orphanology ist gerade das Tape „In The Descending Spirals Of Time“ von Uncertain erschienen, dem Projekt von Florian-Ayala Fauna. Die vier langen Stücke des Tapes sind gekennzeichnet von einem rituellen Klang, der Uncertain im Postindustrial verortet. „Florian-Ayala Fauna is a Buffalo, New York-based trans-femme, intersex interdisciplinary artist who knows something about productive darkness and antagonizing binaries, and who shies away from neither the sublime nor the terrifying. Her latest full-length under the name Uncertain, The Descending Spirals of Time, is a sonically and emotionally deep exploration of magic and pain. Coil’s Jhonn Balance once spoke in an interview about the cumulative loss of magic that he saw as resulting from the gradual diminishing of darkness in the world. ‘I think that electric lighting,’ he says, ‘has destroyed a whole area of mythology and magic making.’ In times now long past for most cultures, Balance asserts, ‘when the sun set, it was dark, and people had candles, maybe, or fires, and stories were told and stories were made up and people imagined. Now, they don’t. It is a terrible schism, or break, a fracture, this destruction of this whole area of human imagining and belief, creating.’

If the new full-length from Uncertain is any indication, Florian-Ayala Fauna understands exactly what Balance is getting at, and it is perhaps no coincidence that The Descending Spirals of Time shares something in common aesthetically with Coil and early Current 93. (Fauna in fact has collaborated with Coil member Stephen Thrower.) Of course this isn’t only about electric lighting, and if the world is operating at a kind of deficit of productive darkness, it may be through the work of people like Florian-Ayala Fauna that we can recover some of those lost shadows.“