Choral Transmissions: Klangkunstarbeit von Jacob Remin

Das dänische clang-Label bringt gerade eine Arbeit des Künstlers und Komponisten Jacob Remin heraus. “Choral Transmissions 2019-2022″ basiert auf gechannelten und aufgenommenen Audiosignalen in verschiedenen klanglichen Settings, die zu einem knapp halbstündigen Track kombiniert wurden. Es erscheint digital über die gängigen Plattformen.

“Antennae tuned to super slow package transfers. Accumulating for the first years of Lua’s existence. Looming and brewing. Applying silent entropy and a slow pressure to my logic circuits. Seeping slowly, finding their way to the speaker cones. Densely packed with information. Clearly important, but also unclear. A rigorous scenario through a different pair of ears. Uncompromising and beautiful, weird and thrilling. A promise of new understandings, through 8 resonant states of being. This is some kind of human audio, compromised by its strange hardware constraints. On record we have a system of explorations, but in terms of anything but the track, it seems distant, detached, almost wrong. We are sitting on the same shores. Exploring common landscapes through different ears. Error is information. All attention to detail.” (clang)