Weird & Proud: Tanzbares für Artisten auf Lamour Records

Lamour Records bringen in den nächsten Tagen das Langspieldebüt der auf experimentelle Elektronik – in den Worten des Labels “avant-garde club music” oder “dance music with an artistic twist” – spezialisierte finnische Producerin und wohl auch Dichterin H-MO unter dem Titel “Weird & Proud” heraus, das eine Menge an Traditionen elektronischer Musik und auch spezifisch eigenes unter einen Hut bringt. Das Album erscheint digital.

“When working on Weird & Proud, H-M O let improvisation and intuition be her guide. She wanted to try and create music that would be both ‘far out there‘ and ‘deep in here‘, in other words something that the listener would not only feel deep in their body but also get fuel from for their mind and spirit. As a passionate lover of space sounds and beats to move one’s feet to, H-M O combined both of those elements, letting the tracks take their shape very naturally. To her, dashes of poetry felt like just the right ingredient to add in the mix to make Weird & Proud into music she’d personally love to dance to. The album is almost like a journey to outer space and back to the feet on the floor.” (Lamour Records)

“I am an artist who loves to surprise herself by combining elements which when put together comprise something completely unexpected. I call it ‘a divine coincidence’ when two or more seemingly separate things complement each other in a way that they form a whole new entity larger and more complex than its parts. Because I started making music from a place of childlike curiosity and a desire to play, I think my sound is quite free and expressive in essence. I hope and believe my spirit for inquiry converts into tones, beats and lyrics which together compose a rather original delight”. (H-M O)