Wolves, Windows And Curtains: Neues Tape von Mortuus Auris and the Black Hand

Cruel Nature bringen Anfang Juli ein neues Tape eines ihrer Stammprojekte, des von dem Multimediakünstler Peter Taylor seit 2008 betriebenen Projektes MAbH (Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand) heraus. “Wolves, Windows And Curtains” ist ein von Ennui durchdrungenes, biografisch eingefärbtes Werk hörspielartiger, sounduntermalter Rezitationen, oder, wie es beim Label heißt, ein Zusammentreffen von tonalen und sprachlichen Gedichten. Es ist auch digital erhältlich.

“This is my first solo voiced record from my MAbH project. I have included poems and songs on other projects and collaborations, but never had it at the centre of my output. After recently losing my job and a struggle to find work and raise money I spent time reflecting on moments from my past that still resonate with me and crossover with my current predicament. This, mixed with imaginative passages, repeating motifs and troubled dreams result in ‘Wolves, Windows and Curtains’. These are drunken odes from a lonely soul, performed in a voice from the places I grew up. Some of the performances are readings, some improvised. All violin is improvised over drones and recordings from my current place of non-work” (Peter Taylor)