At the Intersection of Sound, Art and Science: Eufonia Festival 2019

Eufonia nähert sich dem Medium Sound im Alltag und in verschiedenen Heterotopien aus den unterschiedlichsten Richtungen an. Auf ihrem diesjährigen Festival, das vom 1.-3. November im Acud stattfinden wird, präsentieren Künstler, Wissenschaftler, medienleute und andere Involvierte ihre Ideen Thema in Workshops, Performances, Vorträgen und Diskussionen.

“EUFONIA is an exposition combining artists, scientists, psychologists, designers and researchers from all around the world who share the common medium of sound. Participants will explore the past, current and the future uses of sound in diverging areas of people’s daily lives, at the intersection of audio, art and science. We will be asking crucial questions as well as providing key people, technology & institutions to answer them.”

sound healing / rituals / music & trance / ethnomusicology / hypnosis / neurology / psychology / soundbath / art / aesthetics / innovation / technology / education / deafness / communication & anthropology / evolution / listening / creative process / audio branding / brainwaves entertainment / neurofeedback / binaural beats / spatial intelligence / research / silence / meditation / focus / music therapy / noise / phonetics

Eufonia Festival 2019
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin

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