Being Below: Neue EP von Celer

Mitte Februar bringen Two Acrons und Past Inside the Present die neue EP “Being Below” von Celer heraus. Die sechs eher kurzen Ambient-Tracks entstanden auf der Basis digitaler und analoger Instrumentierung und sind in ihrer tagträumerischen Atmosphäre von einer stets veränderlichen Struktur. Neben der auf je 150 transparente und schwarze Scheiben limitierten Vinyl-Edition ist die EP als CD und digital erhältlich.

“Staring out, tense. Looking down isn’t so different than looking up, but it passes by faster. Contentment at the accomplishment that I’m here, and the fear that what I’ve always been looking for has passed by. Staring up and looking at the sky, wishing you were up here with me, here where you can see everything. Above, the surface drifts by, and the colors on the horizon in pale blues makes me calm. Then blue. Deep in pale blue. Again, in the morning. Close your eyes. Repeating this, repeating that, then it changes. Try to stay focused, but you’ve already moved out of sight. You’re a million miles away, and farther. Waiting for night. Stars, always beyond. Now, it’s already tomorrow.” (Celer)

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