Black Crows Cyborg: Gemeisames Album von Merzbow und Prurient

Merzbow und Prurient bringen eine gemeisame LP heraus, deren am 4.Juni erscheinene Vinyl-Editionen vorbestellt werden können. “Black Crows Cyborg” enthält zwei rund viertelstündige Noisetracks und ist Masami Akitas und Dominick Fernows erste eigenständige Kollaboration. Die noch nicht vergriffenen LP-Versionen sind über Bandcamp und Hospital Productions erhältlich.

“The skylines of Tokyo and New York City are impenetrable. On the streets it is cold – the ravens have blocked out the sun. The barbed chicken wire that surrounds the cities wave scraps of plastic shreds of circuit boards like surrender flags. Ravens have become the society, they are now the rulers.

Black Crows Cyborg is the first collaboration from noise titans Merzbow and Prurient. With more than seven hundred releases between them, this LP finds new ways to traverse the empty cities and navigate the cylinders. These two side-length tracks of cryptic dissonance are underscored by the slightest hint of deconstructed computer synthesis and cyborg vocals.

Ravens remember actions from specific humans, and can warn them of impending danger – or choose not to. As the conspiracy of crows overwhelms mankind’s encampment and integrates with the industrial leftovers, Black Crows Cyborg is the soundtrack for the overwhelming embrace under dark mechanical wings.” (Hospital Productions)

@ Hospital Productions