Make Noise Myanmar II: Fortsetzung der Fundraising-Compilation mit SchneiderTM, Norman Westberg u.v.a.

Die im März dieses Jahres von seah und Mykel Boyd ins Leben gerufene Compilation zur Unterstützung der Wiederstandsbewegung in Myanmar erfährt eine Fortsetzung. Schwerpunkt ist diesmal die Unterstützung von Lehrkräften, die aufgrund ihres zivilen Ungehorsams mit Berufsverbot bestraft wurden. Die digitale Compilation enthält diesmal 78 Beiträge internationaler Acts aus unterschiedlichen Richtungen (weitgehend) experimentierfreudiger Musik, darunter bekannte Acts wie Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Savage Republic, Susan Alcorn, Sigillum S, SchneiderTM, Norman Westberg oder eine gemeisame Arbeit von Alexander Hacke, Danielle di Piciotta und Vincent Signorelli. Hinzu kommen zahlreiche Beiträge von noch unbekannteren Künstlern wie Small Life Forms, Cheryl Leonard, Marcus Webb, Goh Lee Kwang und viele andere. Auch seah und Mykel Boyd selbst sind vertreten.

“Make Noise Myanmar is a compilation curated by seah and Mykel Boyd. All funds generated from sales go directly to support ground level efforts resisting the military coup. We have been collaborating with people who are able to move funds into the country, which is no easy feat these days. A large portion of the early sales from the first comp was routed to Hilltribe resistance efforts, a few hundred was sent to friends to support Food Not Bombs and CDM activities in Yangon, another couple hundred was sent to an artist who has given us jpgs to screenprint art posters (coming). On seah’s birthday, donations of almost $500 (sales from Tshirts) went to Mutual Aid Myanmar. Our next efforts are to financially support teachers and professors who have lost their jobs due to supporting Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) as well as to directly help a dear artist friend who is trying to get herself and her small family out of Myanmar, and to financially support someone who was arrested but has managed to escape the country. We also pay our Burmese collaborators for their art/music contributions.” (seah/Mykel Boyd)