Kit Grill mit neuem Album

Der englische Producer Kit Grill, der auch als visueller Künstler und Radiohost bei NTS Radio aktiv ist, bringt Mitte des Monats sein neues Album “Spirit” heraus – ein getragenes, besinnliches Werk zwischen ambienter Elektronik und gesampleten Sounds, das sich merklich vom weitaus popdynamischeren Vorgänger “Fragile” (2020) unterscheidet, gleichwohl die hier enthaltenen Tracks dem gleichen Entstehungszeitraum entstammen. Das Album erscheint auch diesmal als Tape beim hauseigenen Label Primary Colours Records.

Grill’s new album Spirit is a reflective collection of songs written and produced at the same time as 2020’s Fragile. “The aim was to write an album completely different to Fragile, something much slower and open. I wanted to have a real distinction between the 2 records and producing them at the same time helped create this difference in sound and pace. Where Fragile is about maintaining an energy, Spirit is about creating a sparse uncluttered world.” Spirit moves between hope and grief, transforming Grills personal experiences into a stillness of shimmering beauty.

Graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009, he spent two years experimenting with sound and learning music. Releasing his critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Expressions’ in 2013, his first full length studio album Mirror Image followed later that year via the GetMe! label with The Independent describing Grill as a “minimalist master”. As well as being a longstanding NTS radio host, presenting a monthly excursion into music from around the world, in addition to writing and producing music, Grill’s creativity also spans across photography, painting and video.” (Primary Colours)