Fallout 4: Vierter Teil des Trilogie von Darkroom

Das aus Michael Bearpark (Gitarre, Loops und Effekte) und Andrew Ostler (Laptop, Modulares) bestehende Duo Darkroom bringt den vierten Teil seiner Fallout-Trilogie heraus. “Darkroom specialise in creating ambient music that stretches the definition of the genre to its limits in many directions: from quiet, introspective and naturalistic through celestial and melodic to intense, abrasive and synthetic”, heißt es bei

Expert Sleepers, die das Album auf CD herausbringen und Vergleiche zu Can und Tangerine Dream, aber auch zu Bass Communion und dem Deep Listening von Aphex Twin ziehen. Zum neuen Album heißt es: “The soundscape is stark, open, at times ragged and jarring while at other times hauntingly beautiful. The album contains three extended pieces. The first two – It’s Clear From The Air and Qaanaaq – derive from the last performance of Darkroom’s 2012 tour: even after most of the audience had left, the band kept on playing into the night as the inspirational flow was so strong. Reviewing extensive recordings from rehearsals and the rest of the tour, one additional piece – Tuesdays Ghost – stood out for its controlled slow drone build and primal rhythmic electronic energy”. Es erscheint am 25. August.

@ Expert Sleepers