Novatron und Adventure Team in Berlin

Am 16. September beschallen die beiden Bands Pieuvre und Adventure Team die Nachbarschaft um das Berliner Schlesi. “Novatron consists of Itta Nakamura on drums and Tatsumi Ryusui on guitar. Based in Berlin but originally from Japan, Novatron delivers sonic swirl, heavy psyche, abrasive noise, ecstatic drones, influenced equally by hardcore and ambient.”, heißt es im Begleittext, zum anderen Act ferner: “Adventure Team  is a Berlin three-piece whose members Jonathan, Juan and Ian hail from Germany, Argentina and England. Ever

expanding their network of friendly, likeminded freaks, their loud and untethered, yet melodic guitars and three-part vocal harmonies have gained the group comparisons with indie rock luminaries such as Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, Pavement, Yo La Tengo or Teenage Fanclub. Further influences include all of the music and cultural practices of the International Pop Underground – including the numerous boy-girl revolutionaries of 80s Glasgow and 90s Olympia WA, as well as the Kiwi jangle of New Zealand’s Flying Nun Records – interwoven with the sound and themes of 1960s counterculture”. Für die genaue Anschrift empfielt es sich, die Veranstalter anzuschreiben.

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