Neues Splitrelease von Aviva Endean und Henrik Olsson

In einigen Tagen erscheint auf Frim Records eine neue Split-CD der beiden internationalen Improvisationsmusiker Aviva Endean und Henrik Olsson. Das Album enthält jeweils ein aufgezeichnetes Konzert der Australierin und des Schweden, bei denen von ihrer Seite verschiedene Klarrinetten, Stimme, Elektronik und Plastikpfeifen zum Einsatz kamen, während er mit Turntables und diversen Objekten aufwartete. Die Auftritte fanden im November 2022 im Stockholmer Rönnells Antikvariat statt.

“Aviva Endean, hailing from Australia, and Henrik Olsson, representing Sweden, are two esteemed figures in the realm of improvised music on a global scale. In November 2022 they shared an evening at Stockholm’s Rönnells Antikvariat, a bookstore and music venue. Now, their connection extends to the release of a shared CD, the second installment in FRIM Records’ ongoing Split Series. Both Endean and Olsson have established themselves as influential figures in contemporary music circles.

Both artists have toured extensively, in the USA, Japan, Russia and all over Europe performing at venues and festivals such as Le Guess Who?, Splitter Festival Berlin, San Francisco SFF, Bipod Beiruth, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Sound of Stockholm (SE), Only Connect (NO) The Substation (VIC) and MONA FOMA (TAS). Olsson’s work can be found on labels like Another Timbre (UK) and Thanatosis production (SE), and he has collaborated with artists such as Andrea Neumann and Tetuzi Akiyama.

Endean, on the other hand, has extensively toured with performance art, installations, and interdisciplinary projects, in addition to earning critical acclaim for her two solo albums. The sounds within these two performances are tactile, grounded, atmospheric, and occasionally otherworldly and delicate”. (Frim)

Fotos © Sarah Walker und Hanna Macke