Ending Without: Neue EP von Kinit Her

Nur einige Wochen nach dem jüngsten Album “The Nature Our There” legen Kinit Her mit einer drei Tracks umfassenden EP nach. Die drei Songs stammen aus der gleichen Session und haben in all ihrer je eigenen Charakteristik eine feinsinnige und zugleich urige Folkigkeit gemeisam, die in Momenten der Wucht ihre größte Stärke offenbart. “This EP, Ending Without, is a poignant final note to our journey with the egregore that is Kinit Her”, erklärt Sänger und Sounddesigner Nathaniel Ritter auf der Instagramseite der Band und verwendet mit dem Begriff “engregore” die okkulte Bezeichnung einer nichtpsysischen Entität, das den kollektiven Gedanken und Gefühlen einer Gruppe entspringt. “It features three outtakes from The Nature Out There, serves as a reflective coda to the rich tapestry of sound and spirit that we have woven over the years. These tracks are not just remnants of our final album but integral echoes of the Kinit Her story, each resonating with the same level of depth and reflection that has defined our entire discography. ‘Feeding Mirrors’ is

graced by the resurrected guitar work of original Kinit Her member Vincent Wahcowiak, who left the band in 2009. His participation in this EP helps bring our wanderings full circle, adding yet another layer of finality to this release”. Zum abschließenden Song “Courtyard of all Grace” heißt es am gleichen Ort “The EP culminates with ‘Courtyard Of All Grace’, a track that ends with a sample from Red Hawk, a practitioner and teacher of self-remembering. His words, ‘I was thrown as a child; I lived at the edge of the woods; I was thrown onto a love of the Earth and the Earth supported me; the Earth grounded me – it gave me a place of refuge; so I loved the Earth’, encapsulate Kinit Her’s deep connection to nature and the cosmos and makes clear these tracks have the same lifeblood as those from The Nature Out There. This release symbolizes not just an end but the enduring spirit of our exploration, a key granting further keys to many doors of perception and understanding for those who have or will be touched by this music”. Das Release erscheint digital über Auerbach Tonträger.

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