Saturation: Fred Bigot a.k.a. Electronicat ist zurück

Der in Berlin lebende französische Musiker Fred Bigot, bekannt als sich immer wieder neu erfindendes Antichamäleon zwischen Rock, Pop, forscher Elektronik und wagemutigem Lärm, bringt am 5. Mai ein neues Album namens “Saturation” heraus. Es erscheint als Tape und digital bei Astra Solaria Recordings und enthält acht Songs, die innerhalb des genannten Rahmens immer wieder andere Wegrichtungen einschlagen und auf wundersame Weise doch immer eine charakteristische Signatur aufweisen.

“Is there a need to present Fred Bigot and his Electronicat project? It is true that this shooting star lit up our drunken nights in the early 2000s. Suffice to say that with the diffraction of time of these damn social networks, it amounts to saying that it was an eternity ago. And yet the passage of this particularly incandescent comet marked our lives, our celebrations, our minds and our legs which it often freed. But what exactly are we talking about? Electronicat is primitive rock, a raw concept which is in no way aimed at our brains but at its most animal, reptilian, wildest and crudest part. And this involves taming a wild festival, saturation! Whether electronic or more electric, Electronicat takes us dangerously surfing on sonic waves that scare away all sound engineers in white coats. Exploring the limits of sound, Electronicat wants to show us that there is a world in this dangerous fringe that pushes sound into the red. It is on these peaks of saturation that this new album plays out! Indeed, after having worked in another firmament, Fred Bigot sends the Electronicat comet back into our airspace which has become almost too comfortable and comes to tear the sky apart with this new album aptly called Saturation.” (Astra Solaria Recordings)