Occulto Fest 5: Z’ev, ?Alos, Everest Magma, Kasia Justka, Pure und Roman Catholics

Am 13. und 14. November findet zum fünften mal das Berliner Occulto Fest mit sechs Konzerten aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen experimenteller Musik statt. Neben Z’ev, Pure und Kasia Justka stehen drei relativ neue Projekte auf dem Programm, hinter denen sich allerdings bekanntere Namen verbergen: Rella The Woodcutter, Stefania Pedretti von OvO, Federica alias DuChamp und der Drummer und Improv-Musiker Andi Stecher.

“Occulto Fest is a two-day festival creature conceived and curated by Alice Cannava and DuChamp. It happens once a year in Berlin and features a selection of live music, audiovideo performances and video screenings with a focus on research and experimentation – all made with love and fully independent.

Here’s the line-up:
Z’ev (US – Subterranean, Avant, Die Stadt, Important, etc.)
?Alos (IT – Cheap Satanism)
Everest Magma (IT – Boring Machines)
Kasia Justka (PL/Ber)
Pure (AT – Editions Mego, Hinterzimmer, Staalplaat, etc.)
Roman Catholics (AT/IT/Ber)

We hope you like it as much as we do! We are also very happy to announce that the second evening of the Fest is curated in collaboration with NK. More info will be online very soon.”

13.-14. NOV
Skalitzerstr. 133, 10999 Berlin

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