Finissage: Chaostrophy – Artworks Inspired by the Music and History of the Band Coil

Am Samstag, den 23. Juli kommt die Gruppenaustellung “Chaostrophy” im Berliner Bar und Galerie Ludwig, bei der 41 Künstler unterschiedlicher Sparten von Coil inspirierte Werke zeigen zum Abschluss. “Final chance to look at the CHAOSTROPHY exhibition before it closes. 41 artists from all around the world in various mediums brought together under the theme of the band Coil. Special live ritual performance from Sea Pristess Vero Mota with accompanying live streem for those who cannoot be in Berlin. Live stream link will be posted just before the show @ 22:00 Central European Time.”


Sabatino Cersosimo (Germany)
Lin Chiwei (Taiwan)
Philip Cooper (UK)
Lucero Milchorena (Mexico)
Edgar Invoker (Russia)

Drawings, Prints, Mixed Media, Collage, Objects:

Brett Despotovich (Canada)
Zoe DeWitt (Austria)
Jeremy Nathan Dziedzic (USA)
Maurus Knowles (Germany)
Rousselle MacEwan (Scotland)
Florian Ayala Fauna (USA)
Marc Olke (Germany)
Maurus Knowles (Germany)


Alexander Brattell (UK)
Justin DS (UK)
Stefano Di Felice (Italy)
Jan Großer (Germany)
Kai Lübbe (U.S.A.)
Uolevi Suntio (UK)
Keiko Yoshida (UK)


Anna Ceeh (Russia)
Ghost Twin (Canada)
Hawthonn (UK)
Ceven Knowles (Germany)
Micki Pellerano (U.S.A)
Pier Giorgio De Pinto(Switzerland)*
Marilyn Roxie (U.S.A.)
Julieta Triangular (U.S.A)
Daniel McKernan & Black Sun Productions (USA & Switzerland)
Thee Balancer

*with photographic prints as installation


Anthony Blokdijk (Holland)


Wajid Yaseen (UK)
Zoe DeWitt (Austria)
Matthew Levi Stevens (UK)
Adam Czarnecki(Poland)
Ruby/Lesley Rankine (Scotland)
ZSLO (Taiwan)


Sea Priestess Vero Mota (Mexico, Germany)

(photo by Keiko Yoshida)

Samstag, 23. Juli, 19 Uhr

Ludwig, Anzengruberstr. 3, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln