Superstition: Neue Kollaboration zwischen Minamo und Moskitoo auf 12K

Das japanische Soundart-Duo Minamo und die Sängerin Sanae Yamasaki alias Moskitoo bringen unter dem Titel “Superstition” ein gemeinsames Album auf 12K heraus. Die fünf Tracks changieren zwischen abstrak-ambienter Elektronik und einem Songwriting an der Grenze zum Dreampop.“Superstition is a gathering of close friends creating music they love to create and exploring the small crevices and details of electric, electronic, and acoustic sounds. While the songs sound intentionally composed and arranged, the actual recording process was quite spontaneous and generative. Minamo has a wonderful back catalog of releases on 12k, Room 40 and the all-too-short-lived Apestaartje. Their music is known to incorporate a large amount of interesting instruments and sound-making objects. Dreamy and fractured, beautiful and slightly unsettling. Moskitoo adds a vocal element not heard before in Minamo’s music bringing an angelic air to the scattered earthen sound.” (12K)

Minamo und Moskitoo @ 12K