Klaustrophobie: Compilation u.a. mit Mantenna, Slow Slow Loris, Von Tesla, Luciano Lamanna, Mai Mai Mai

Das römische Veranstaltungshaus und Label Klang a.k.a. Klang Roma hat als Quarantäne-Carepaket und Mittel zum Spendensammeln den hier vorliegenden Sampler zusammengestellt, der neben zahlreichen Größen der italienischen Experimentalmusik und Electronica auch einige internationale Geheimtipps enthält. Nicht wenige darunter standen bereits auf der Bühne in den Räumlichkeiten nahe der Via Prenestina.“As a music space and reality, basically we are not that able to do something really helpful for people’s health and safety, but we do strongly believe that just like music celebrates the most beautiful moments of our lives, it can be one of the best ways to overcome the worst as well. This is why we are doing our best to keep things alive, trying to entertain our public by arranging some online initiatives and to provide an escape tool from anxiety and fears, but also from boredom and discouragement.

We think this kind of proposals are the key to keep people inside their homes without going crazy and make all this pass over as soon as possible. All tracks are previously unreleased works or specific-made alternative versions of already existing tunes the artists, both from Italy and from the rest of the world, decided to share with us for this purposal. Klang is a venue in Rome focused on experimental music, as well as a multifunctional space and a sort of open artistic collective, whose aim is to share culture and art in all their declinations as much as it’s in our hands. Basically, a place/non-place where things happen, as we like to define it.” (Klang Roma)

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