Online-Konzert von Marta Zapparoli

Die in Berlin lebende italienische Soundkünstlerin und Performerin Marta Zapparoli spielt am 18. Juni an 20 Uhr ein Live-Konzert, das vom Warschauer Club MÓZG veranstaltet und über die Webseite der Betreiber gestreamt wird. Zapparoli ist eine renommierte Forscherin und Produzentin im Bereich im Bereich improvisierter, experimenteller Musik, arbeitet mit einer Vielzahl an Techniken und benutzt ein umfangreiches, zum Teil sebstgebautes Equipment.
“Marta Zapparoli is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, self-taught researcher active in sound art since 2003. In her work, there is a deep relationship between energies, electromagnetic, magnetic, radio waves, sensorial and matter, as well as the acoustical. She also employs a wide range of experimental techniques and equipment. She uses scientific and technological tools (including antennas, some of them self-built and detectors, radio receivers, sdr) as a medium to develop her sound project. In recent years her practice has been focused on self-made recordings of the electromagnetic spectrum coming from the atmosphere and the outer-space, as the primary material for her artistic investigation. This environment is an endless source of information that stimulates her imagination, creativity, and awareness, and allows her to enter into boundless territories. She brings the invisible sonic web into a distinct aurality, transforming reality into new visions through compositions, live performances, and site-specific sound interventions.” (MÓZG)

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