Land of Waves: Elektroakustisches Album von Bérangère Maximin

Heute erscheint mit “Land of Waves” das sechste Album der französischen Komponistin Bérangère Maximin als Doppel-LP bei Karlrecords. Mit einem umfangreichen Instrumentarium an Klangerzeugern wie Gitarre, Perkussion, Synthies, Elektronik, Stimme und diversen Objekten wurde eine ganz eigene, vielgestaltige Welt voll unterschiedlicher Schauplätze und Ereignisse imaginiert und erkundet.“Land of Waves: three words evoking territories of plains and curves connected with each other by canals, footpaths, tunnels. The four parts of the album lead the listener into a hybrid land where the jungle meets the city… a succession of reliefs, surfaces, textures, layers create a large mosaic as if on a concrete wall which seems solid and definitive but is in fact penetrable, alterable. For Land of Waves, BÉRANGÈRE MAXIMIN took inspiration from recordings she did in various city parks, abandoned properties and limits with the suburbs during her travels in Europe, the diversity of sources, the variations of events and the contrasts between day and night they offered, and reinterpreted them in the studio.” (Karlrecords)