Neues Album des Streicherduos Sheriffs of Nothingness auf Sofa

Die norwegischen Improvisationsmusiker Kari Rønnekleiv und Ole-Henrik Moe bringen das vierte Album ihres Duos Sheriffs of Nothingness heraus. Das auf Violine und Bratsche basierende “An Autumn Night at the Crooked Forest” erforscht mit starken atmosphärischen Mitteln die Funktion der Feuerstelle in der menschlichen Kultur, sei es das traditionelle Lagerfeuer oder dasheimelige Kaminfeuer im modernen Haus.

“An Autumn Night at the Crooked Forest is a sort of tribute to the oldest and most traditional place for afterthoughts, meditation and reflection: the fireplace. Be it a bonfire (as it was for the first, say, five million years), or an indoor fireplace, or, even a woodstove could do the works as the place for people to gather, to tell stories, to share thoughts, or, to just be. This art of just being around the fireplace is perhaps what this album is trying to be about: Four improvised pieces, dedicated to different types of firewood, or how it burns and glooms. Consequently the music on this album is not really moving anywhere in particular, it just is, trying to emphasize the point in everyday life where you are not trying to move on, where one can allow oneself to just halt and let your thoughts move freely. This record is recorded in the middle of Krokskogen (west of Oslo), in an old cabin, and by a fireplace that was, in different ways, burning all the time. So, all the way, you can hear it crackle, gently.” (Sofa)

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